Health-Good For You

Here are things you can do to prevent future health problems or use to help turn around a current issue.

First thing, get very acquainted with Dr. Joseph Mercola and his most excellent website. Sign up for his daily information and videos and read his research. If you want one stop shopping for information, this is it.

In short, take Vitamin D regularly unless you get at least 1/2 hour of direct sunlight between 12-2pm. Take 500mg-2,000mg of Vitamin C a day. Do some 20 minute sprinting 1-3x a week.

Vit. D deficiency?  Biotics Research – Bio-D-Mulsion Forte.

Remove sugar drinks from your life. The artificial sweeteners like Aspartame (a bio-weapon according to the Department of Defense in the 1960’s) and high fructose corn syrup (often found with mercury in it), sugars and other hidden toxins destroy your liver (increase fat, bad cholesterol, blood pressure) and destroy insulin response (pancreas), diminish brain and nerve function and on and on!

Just these things will dramatically improve most any condition.

Beyond that, buy organic food (no pesticides, toxins, etc.) and refuse vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs (fluoride, petroleum based bandaids that do not provide anything your body needs but only masks the real problem), use no fluoride, no non-stick or aluminum pans (iron or stainless steel is OK), drink filtered water, turn off wi-fi and cell phones at least at night, remove any appliance (cordless phones, clock radio, lamps) from near the bed so you get rejuvenating sleep (best to turn off the electrical power at the breakers).

Your Gut Bacteria Affects Your Brain Function, Study Confirms


NUTRITION (What to eat and what not to eat)

Organic Food: What to buy and where

Raw Organic Food

Raw Milk

How to Get Inexpensive, Organic, Locally-Grown Vegetables

Organic Coconut Oil – Best oil to cook with: Coconut Oil,  Organic Butter and Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Olive Oil (best to cook with medium heat or lower)

Best Sweetener is Stevia.

Beneficial Bacteria (Probiotics) During Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Helps Protect Against Eczema: Probiotics are essential in fighting bad bacteria (Kefir and other cultured milk products are excellent sources of good bacteria)

SCD ProBiotica? is a concentrated, all-natural blend of 19 aromatic herbs fermented by a special combination of probitoic bacteria. Probiotics are beneficial living microorganisms which help to replenish the human body with healthy microbes.

Rebalanced Health Probiotics

Water and Shower Filter Chlorine away

Alert! Before you do a Detox, get the metal removed from your mouth!
Do not allow any dentist to put metal amalgams in your child’s mouth. Before becoming pregnant or doing a detox, have all metal Amalgams removed by a mercury protocol dentist and replaced with ceramic, porcelain, etc… This is a must before a total recovery from any chronic illness.

OSR-Oxidative Stress Relief (best mercury chelator!) use with phospholipids

Healing from Mercury Exposure, Thyroid problems, Suicide thoughts can be helped with Iodine
Part of the reason for depression is related to mercury’s effect of reducing the development of posterior pituitary hormone (oxytocin). Low levels of pituitary function are associated with depression and suicidal thoughts, and appear to be a major factor in suicide of teenagers and other vulnerable groups.



AlliMax Allcin Natural Antimicrobial

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) In fact, there have been some Italian studies which compared Vioxx and Turmeric head-to-head for anti-inflammatory power, and Turmeric performed just as well, with no side-effects..

Where to Find BPA-Free Products
The 13 Amazing Health Benefits of Himalayan Crystal Salt, the Purest Salt on Earth

Sierra Madre Sun Cream-The True Cause Of Skin Cancer Is Not The Sun. It Is Vegetable Oils In The Diet! The following chemicals are all potentially toxic or carcinogenic ingredients in sunscreens; PABA, Oxybenzone, Titanium dioxide, Padimate-O or Octyl dimethyl PABA.

Green Tea Sunblock for Children SPF 25

MicroBrite Tooth Powder (no fluoride toothpaste)

Beyond Non-Toxic Toothpaste: Tips For Healthy Teeth

Enameled Cast Iron cookware, ceramic, glass, porcelain, stainless steel OK

Turbo Oven (instead of Microwave or Vegetable Oil cooking)

LED Light Bulbs

Keep Harmful Cell Phone Radiation AWAY From Your Head with the Safest Headset Available: The Next Generation RF3!

Powerwatch-We have been researching electromagnetic field effects on health for the last 20 years, and provide a range of information to help the general public understand this complex issue.

Why cancer comes back following chemotherapy, radiation or surgery

Cinnamon Oil Better for Killing Mosquitoes Than DEET

Fever And Its Necessity To Good Health

Homeopathic Alternatives to Vaccines

Herbal Alternatives to the Flu Shot (Part 1)
I received my doctor?s annual reminder in the mail today: ?Get Your Flu Shot!? I never have before, so why should I this year? You?d think he?d have given up on me by now. Furthermore, the medical community insists…

“The SECRET CURE for HPV”Renegade Pharmaceutical Company Insider Blows The Whistle On Entire Drug Industry and Reveals…

Far Infrared Sauna

Mercola’s Twelve Strategies to VIRTUALLY ELIMINATE your risk of cancer and chronic disease, and radically improve your chances of recovering from cancer if you currently have it, by following these relatively simple risk reduction strategies.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., PhD-The 5 Levels of Healing By Dietrich Klinghardt