April 13 SKYPE Masterclass video

I hope you enjoyed the live Skype masterclass.

Here is a shortened YouTube version where I have removed the calls to protect their rights to privacy.


Horn Embouchure Technique Overview, Andrew McAfee presentation April 13, 2012



One review:


“Hi Andrew,
Once again it looks like IOU. The band I am playing in is doing an arrangement of Danny boy where the French horn is featured soloist.  At the end of rehearsal two brass players came up to me to congratulate me on my playing.  After watching your YouTube presentation I began to understand what you were talking about with ” heavy air” and tried to incorporate that into my playing.  That particular piece is a great one to show off smoothness and a large tone.  I try to think my tone as coming from my stomach and open my throat as wide as I can. I also  found that making sure I feel the pressure of the air behind my lips and not in my throat gave me this huge mellow tone. 

I feel like I’m taking lessons from you. Thank you.

Now if I can only figure out how Skype works…….”


Jim Freund



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