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1) The Five Must Have Techniques (4:19)
Where do I put the mouthpiece on my bottom lip?
How much upper lip vs. lower lip in the MP?
What do I do with the chin muscles?
Shouldn’t the mouthpiece point straight out?
What do I do with the tongue?
2) Basic Breathing (2:35)
What is an easy phrase to remember for efficient breathing?
What do you want to first expand when you inhale?
Can I raise my shoulders?
What does sound in your mouth/throat indicate?
When should I breathe again?
3) Starting Notes (4:57)
What technique ensures I never have a problem starting notes?
How do I stop notes?
What is support and how can I have better support?
4) Buzzing the Lips (4:02)
Why a Horsy Buzz?
What is the embouchure’s foundation?
Link between bottom lip and jaw?
Bottom lip function?
Zipper lips?


5) Mouthpiece (4:33)
Where place bottom rim of MP?
Equal pressure?
How much lip inside the rim?
How to avoid looking like a bullfrog?


6) Hand Position in the Bell (3:17)
How much does the hand bend pitch down?
How far in the bell and why?
How does hand effect high range?
What one position allows for all scenarios?


7) Connecting to the Horn (4:50)
What 3+ things effect the pitch?
What is the importance of the Jaw?
Why Chin Flex?
What is the groove of a note?
How do you find it?
What is like radar?
What can feel like two magnet poles opposing each other?


8) The Jaw and Slurring (4:25)
What is so important about the jaw?
What are the two primary actions or directions?
When these merge, what shape do they form?
What is happening if you flip over a note?
What is the easy solution?


9) Warmup Exercise (4:19)
Why have the bell off the leg here?
How do you move from note to note?
Bermuda Triangle?
What is increasing the air pressure called when you go higher?
Does the bottom lip ever buzz under the top lip?

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10) Trills (4:00)
What do you use to lock in from groove to groove?
What is another F side fingering for G instead of open?
How do you tune it?
Why blow more air in this exercise on each beat?
What do you use for clearer trills instead of horizontal lip action?

(Includes PDF download)


11) Tuning the Horn (5:17)
What do you do with the overall slide position when it gets more humid?
Why pull the slides all the way out or push them all the way in when tuning?
Why tongue hard at the beginning of note?

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Videos 1 – 11 (45:00)
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A Passionate Horn (63:00)
Glière – Andante from Horn Concerto, op. 91F. Strauss – Nocturno for Horn and Piano, op. 7 Mendelssohn – Andante from Symphony No. 5, op. 107 Schumann – Adagio and Allegro, op. 70 Büsser – Morceau de Concert, op. 39 James Winter – Sonata for Horn and Piano F. Strauss – Fantasie for Horn and Piano, op. 2, edited by Thomas Bacon*

*(Sheet music to the Fantasie is available at www.mccoyshornlibrary.com/)


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Hard Bound


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James H. Winter Horn Sonata Complete Piano Part emailed to you in PDF (This is the only place you can obtain this valuable material!)



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