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“It is clear from the first track…that McAfee’s project is musical expression. Sure, he possesses a big, warm sound, but the Romantic sentiment behind each piece shines through every phrase… He plays with a huge dynamic range, really letting go when the moment is right… We should all play Hindemith the way McAfee plays Winter – with full commitment to the feeling of the music. The closing work, Franz Strauss’s Fantasie, shows excellent style and plenty of panache. This is an enjoyable CD throughout.”
by Dan Grabois for The Horn Call, October 2012, p. 93-94 (page 1, page 2)


Andrew McAfee’s Début Solo Horn CD review by Marvin J. Ward
March 29, 2012 – Williamsburg, MA.
I received the CD today and it is wonderful!  And an appropriate name for the album.  Very lyrical, and what a sound.   Beautiful.  I enjoyed Winter’s work and glad you included it.
Grass Valley, CA
Aloha Andrew,
Mahalo so much for sending me a copy of your beautiful CD! I’m sitting in the horn studio now listening to your golden tones as I write this email. Such wonderful artistry! You have added a real gem to recorded horn music that will inspire many (myself included). Bravo again on this outstanding contribution to the world of horn CD libraries!

Most gratefully,

Bruce Henniss
Professor of Music/Horn
School of Music
The Ohio State University

Hi Andrew – the CD is terrifc! Really, really. It’s the best recording I’ve heard of each of those horn pieces. Every horn student should have this, (and piano accompanists, too – isn’t Ms. Whelan remarkable?!).

Chapel Hill, NC

I love the CD. I particularly like the multiphonics at the end of the Gliere. They make real musical sense and don’t just sound like a special technique meant to show off that the performer can do multiphonics. I also think the high concert Ab at the end of the Schumann adds a final dramatic punch to that piece. The fact that it is so beautifully secure is a tribute to your impressive technique.

Thank you,

Carrboro, NC

Thanks so much for the cd. I am amazed that you were able to conduct a masterworks orchestra rehearsal during the time you recorded the cd. Yesterday, I was just able to sit down and listen to the whole thing on my good stereo. I do not think I have ever heard the Franz Strauss theme and variations. Your playing was fantastic on all the pieces.

The first time I heard you in recital was the Strauss Nocturno just after we arrived here from Wisconsin. Hope and I were sitting about 3 feet away from you. You did a great job on that performance as well as the performance on the CD. As a matter of fact, I have heard you play live on most of the pieces on the cd and it is amazing how consistent your playing is from venue to venue.

Thanks again
Dave Babcock
Durham, NC

Please tell Andrew that I haven’t listened to his music yet but have only begun to read his descriptive narratives. His words took me to a place in my mind where I could actually feel the music’s movement and experience the mood he was creating. Only a truly gifted writer speaking from some place deep within can transport the reader to another place and time. He has such a gift.

Wanda Gilchrist

Raleigh, NC

Hi Andrew,
I have just received your recording ThePassionate Horn and after listening to it I am moved to write you to let you know how much I enjoyed it. I was particularly inspired by your performance of the Schumann Adagio and Allegro. I have been trying to play that piece for…. well….a long time. I was struck by the beautiful balance between the piano and the horn. Miss Whelan does a beautiful job of accompanying and not competing. I was very impressed with how you were able to switch moods in the Allegro from exciting to moody and back again.

Great recording

Jim Freund

Hey Andrew, I wanted to tell you again how impressive your new CD is! The French Horn is a beautiful music few get to hear. Thanks again for letting us listen to it! You know a lot of people who don’t have access to your type of music would be very happy in knowing how they could attain such magnificent self made music. Like I told your wife, the French Horn is such a difficult instrument to master and you have done so sir. In Light & Harmony, Steve
Raleigh, NC